Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Emma-ness

Being cool with the big kids at Ella Blair's party.

Loving on daddy!

Sweet Emma

Mean Emma

So happy daddy came home from his too long golf trip.

More beautiful pictures from the warm days last week...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Source of Joy...

Emma kissing her cousin Ella

Dear Emma,
Today marks a year since we lost your Aunt Carolyn to cancer. You met her only a few times before her passing, but I remember the last time like it was yesterday. Her weak hands stroked across your face that day as if to let you know how much she loved you. I believe that day she gave you a gift that one day you are to pass along to sweet Ella Carolyn. Her MaeMae's love. We celebrated today with Ella's first birthday to make today extra joyous because that's just how Aunt Carolyn would want it. I hope that as you grow, you hear more stories of how wonderful her life was and how much love she gave to all of us. We miss you Aunt Carolyn, thank you for giving Ella a beautiful day to celebrate today.

Emma and Nana

Ella after eating her first cake!

Emma and her cousin Ashley

Emma holding the coveted GEORGIA BULLDOG!

Emma and her Uncle Trey

Emma in the FAMOUS tree at Nana's

Emma clapping for her audience

Emma in the tree

Hey Emma, You're supposed to be blowing the bubbles, not sucking them!

Friday, March 6, 2009

When Papa's have a birthday, you know it's special...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthdays, Bubbles, & Boogy...


25 Years ago today, March 1st, My little sister Amanda was born into the world! Though our brother and I tried to convince her growing up that she was adopted... Well actually, found in a dumpster on the backstreets of Clermont... We sure are thankful that she is our sister. We celebrated her big two-five at Longhorn with just about the whole family. Aunt Bubbles as her neices and nephew call her was definitely the princess of the show tonight as she was smothered in kisses from them all the whole night. They even ended the night with a little dance show for the others dining with us. Can you tell who has the best moves???? Thank you Bubbles for bringing such joy into our lives. We love you very much and wish you the happiest year of your life thus far!