Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Daddy's Dream

The Happy Golfer(s)

Papa and Emma covering up from the wind

Yesterday was Piedmont's last golf tournament for the year. Can I get a "Whoop Whoop" that Dusty is finally ours for the next 3 months! (okay that was silly, but I'm excited). Emma Grace and I thought it would be a nice day to join the team on the golf course and to watch Aunt Bee play. We were greeted by Daddy who took us on an exciting golf cart ride to the first hole. If you've ever been to The Orchard it is like a mile to the first hole from the parking lot, so we were ever so thankful for the ride. Emma took along her favorite golf club, THE PLASTIC PUTTER she got for Easter (typical gift from her daddy). She was definitely the crowd favorite as she attempted a few hits of her own. Though he never really says it aloud, Dusty's dream for his little girl would be golf. He knows that not only is it a great source of fun, but also a great source of SCHOLARSHIPS in college. (If you know a Rogers, you'll know there is always a reference back to money saving somewhere in every thought.) Anyway, the day was beautiful and my little TIGRESS is well on her way to the LPGA!

Coach Daddy showing Emma how to putt

"I can do it on my own daddy"

Hole in one!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome Sawyer!

On April 8, 2009 We welcomed Sawyer Trey into the world! He was a 9 pound,1 ounce ball of joy!

His big sister Caitlyn and big brother Blake were elated at his arrival! Dusty and I took them to see their baby brother the evening of his birth. Blake said he was "bootiful" and "sweet", while Caitlyn corrected him by saying he was "handsome" and "so cute".

Emma Grace met him on Easter Sunday! She just giggled and said "pitty baby" aka pretty baby! She loved him as long as her mommy wasn't holding him, then she was a ball of tears and screams. We have decided that it just means baby #2 for us will have to wait a while longer. We love you Sawyer!