Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amelia Island~Day 3

Today was quite eventful. It all started with a 30 minute car ride to the Jacksonville Zoo. In the midst of our travels, we were stopped by a drawbridge for some boating passer-by's and quite to my surprise, I looked out my window to find two mating lizards! In my scrambles to get the camera for such a shocking viewing, I missed all of the "action" so to speak and was left with only this picture to prove it!

The zoo was a hit! Well, minus a complaining husband or two. Emma was silent throughout the zoo just taking it all in. Hilarious! Her cousins had a blast also. They even fed the giraffes!

As promised, we let them ride the zoo carousel. Emma decided she wasn't too fond of the moving animals once it started and wouldn't let go of my neck in her terror!

The trip to the zoo ended with a train ride to top it all off.

After a much needed nap that didn't last long enough, we took Emma to the beach just the three of us to build (and destroy)her first sandcastle.

The day ended with dinner at Barbara Jean's and a short photo shoot with the "pretties" aka: FLOWERS.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Amelia Island~Day 2

Today felt like sleeping in since our typical early riser decided to sleep 'til 8:00! We did much of the same....

Beach time...

Pool time...(Well, actually Emma slept thru pool time today, so you'll see no pictures of this fun time, but after she woke up we proceeded our first of many photo shoots with my new camera lens and filter.

shopping in Historic Fernandina and Dinner at Brett's Waterway Cafe (yum!)...

It was yet again another wonderful day on Vacation. I keep reminding Dusty of how wonderful life would be if we could just buy a house down here. Don't act like that makes any of you blog readers upset, because you know you'd love it too! :)