Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

It has been a busy weekend, but a great one. Daddy was finally home for the first weekend in a while. Golf trip after golf trip after golf trip had taken him away for the past 3 weeks and Emma Grace and I were sure to take up all of his time and attention this weekend. Friday he took us out to eat at my FAVE-Red Lobster. Emma ate her first cheese bisquit and LOVED it. A girl after my own heart! After dinner, daddy took his girls shopping and to Starbucks to finish off the night. Saturday we worked most of the day and Emma spent the night with Mimi and Papa while I took a much needed girls night and daddy went to watch the game with uncle Rog-GO DAWGS!!! Then after sleeping her way thru church on Sunday, we at lunch with the Grand-folks and had our Christmas card photo shoot to end our busy weekend.

A few more things that happened this weekend in the midst of all of the craziness...

Emma Grace learned hilarious new tricks from her Aunt Bee...

Daddy captured this great shot of Emma showing off her new teeth!

She entertained the crowd at lunch on Sunday. We are so proud of our little musician.

And she captured the camera as we prepared for our photo shoot on Sunday evening.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy 10 Months Emma Grace

Emma's First Day

Emma Going home from the Hospital

Emma at 3 Months

4 Months

6 Months

Emma at 9 Months

Emma Today begging to get out of bed after her nap.

Today is Emma Grace's 10 Month Birthday and as I recap on this ever so fastly flowing year, I am astonished at what amazing creatures God has formed in us. I can remember how fragile she was the first weeks of her life and how terrified we all were to touch her and move her. I remember watching her breathe at night, just to be sure those lungs were working right. Then came the day she recognized us and I realized that she really did love us back. Then she laughed, and crawled, and clapped for the first time. She said daddy, then baby, then papa and bye bye and pbbbllll, then she made clicking noises and started blowing kisses (the kind of kisses where she sucks in her cheeks and smacks her lips like a fish- I taught her that!!!) Now the house is baby proofed and her feet are starting to carry her around her little life. She hugs me and holds on tight as if I might leave her at any moment. She kisses me when I beg her and she tries to tickle me back. Her words are forming and her jibber jabber sentences get longer. Her body has grown into a 21 pound, 30 inches long big girl and she still keeps on eating. Her food is less pureed now and chunky pieces of meat and veggies now fill her high chair. What happened to my baby? I wonder? She is growing into a big girl who I admire and love so much. Here is a quick recap of the last 10 months! Happy Birthday Emma Grace and Happy Birthday Kay Kay who is the big 6-0 today!!