Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Started Early

Christmas always starts early in the Rogers Family. We typically have a "friends" Christmas party, however, it has developed into a "babies & friends" Christmas party, which makes it that much more exciting.

Who knew kids toys could be so difficult?

You said I could open it.


Then we went to my Grandma & Papa Gailey's for a family Christmas gathering. Everyone was there except for Aunt Sarah and her crew. We missed you guys like crazy! My sister Brooke was there spoiling her nieces and nephews since she only sees them a few times a year. Grandma gave everyone pajamas for Christmas, which by the look on all of the kids' faces, you would have thought she had given them a 100 dollar bill! I was astonished and humbled by their reactions to a pair of pj's, which made me realize what Christmas is all about.

Blake thanking Grandma for his PJ's

Caitlyn thanking Grandma for her PJ's

Emma digging in to find her PJ's

Emma and her Aunt Brooke

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She's One!

I could never had dreamed that the day would come when my 5 pound little angel would turn one. I think this was the fastest year of my life, full of so many wonderful changes. Here are a few pictures from Emma Grace's first birthday party!

Emma's personal birthday cake dec'd out with her fave...Puffs and Wagon Wheels of course!

Everyone else's birthday cake.

Party Decorations

The Big 1

Party Hat (she actually kept it on!)

Emma blowing out her candle!

Everyone else blowing out their candles!!!

Emma's first cake (ever)! The deprived child LOVED it, can't you tell!

She destroyed it!

Emma's unwrapping her gifts (with help of course!)

She loved all of her gifts!

And still hugs them every day!