Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cute stuff!

I've noticed that I haven't blogged about all of the "cute stuff" Emma has been doing and saying lately. Plus in my attempt to remember every single cute thing she does in her wee little life, I had better write (well, type) them down...

Today, while we were cooking pancakes for breakfast, she looked over at me hand in air and said "hee ya" (see ya) and walked away grinning! Who even taught her to say that?

Also, with all of the flies that seem to follow living nearby a human waste dumping facility, we seem to have them everywhere. Some have made their way into my car, which has turned Emma into a maniac. Anytime one comes around her she yells at it "shoo NO"! Not shoo fly don't bother me, it is "shoo No!" I think she hears me say that too much!

She saw Dusty smack me on the rump while passing thru the kitchen this evening and now she gets a kick out of running up to me, hitting me on the behind, and laughing histarically while running away!?!

I've also decided that I'm going to have to purchase a video camera to capture her hilarious dance moves. Her favorite dance music is what I call "thumping music". She'll stand right in front of the radio, pulls one arm up as if she is showing off her muscles, and shakes her booty around in circles. Hilarious!

And lastly, since "Doo and Papa" (Sherry and Mike) built a pool, we've been swimming every evening after daddy gets home from work. She's become quite a swimmer, with floaties of course. She loves to jump off of the side...instead of jumping however, she pulls one leg up throws her arms straight up and falls forward. It looks very difficult to do, but it seems to be the only way she knows how to enter the water. If only she can hold onto her pool stance in the air, she'll make quite a cheerleader!

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